Thursday, January 15, 2009

This is YOUR Year!

The other day we got a message from a friend or I guess you could say a word of "prophecy" saying "This is your year!" And I believe it! I feel deep down that positive life-changing things will happen this year! why? because I have a God of change and I have to believe things will get better not worse! Now, I have no idea what is in store for 2009, neither do you...but we can have a year of faith! 2009 the year of NO FEAR!!!! Wow, I sound like my husband. So I would like to give an update of our current status with the "sleep thru the night challenge" We were being consistent for over a week and then the last two nights we fell off. I guess the sleep deprivation is getting to us, it seems to get harder and harder to get up and follow thru every night when you feel like a walking zombie! So, in the midst of not being very coherent they have some how found their way to our bed the last couple of nights! I am asking myself what in the world can we do! I have to give this over to God and totally depend on Him that He can help us through this little battle! I have to find a way to stay functional! So keep it coming if you still know of some tricks, tips, and tactics! Let us know! I appreciate the comments already about this! I will keep you updated! Isn't parenthood a fun journey! Boy, oh boy....LOADS!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


ok, so its january 2009, and boy do i have some new year resolutions! i have been working on the kids playroom and thats a huge stay tuned for the reveal pictures i am almost done and i am entering the january procrastination challenge

we have been working on getting our kids to sleep through the night. for so long they are used to waking up and getting into bed with us or at different times sleeping with us. and i feel like we have been sleep deprived for years now! and its time to take our life back! (is that a little dramatic!?) so, we can not function very well, when we are waking up at 2,3, and 4 in the morning! but this is a new year! we are into our first week of consistently returning them to their beds (crib) whenever they get up and we are 5 days in....and so far they still havent all together slept through the night in one night. but we are holding out hope! there is a light at the end of the tunnel....i just know it. if you have any suggestions on this please leave me comments about it on my blog. i will take any and all suggestions! how long will it take brad and nicole to get their kids sleeping through the night in their own beds....countdown is on